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Bedroom design for surrey home, Samantha Johnson Design
Our designs, for you to put in practice

Receive a comprehensive interior design from Samantha Johnson online – ready for you to implement.

Interior design projects typically divide into two phases: the actual design, and the delivery – where we work alongside our clients and a host of trades to manage the project to completion.

Increasingly, we’re finding that some of our clients are willing to take on that second phase for themselves, so we now offer a comprehensive interior design service online.
We’ll work with you – remotely – to create a beautiful design for your home. Then, when you’re happy, we produce comprehensive images, guides and sourcing details for furniture, flooring, textiles and paints, giving you all the information you need to bring it all together.

Find out more below or contact Samantha on 01494 882219.

1. Discussing you and your requirements

Your home is your personal space – so every project needs to begin by getting to know you. We like to start with a video call, so we can meet face to face and find out more about your everyday life and your family. Of course, we’ll also discuss what you want from your home; more space, more colour, easier to manage or just a fresh take.

2. Exploring your home

We’ll obviously need to get a sense of your home. We ask you to send us good quality photos of each room, from different angles. In general, it’s best done at the brightest time of the day, but if there’s a room you particularly want to use in the evenings, then that’s useful to know too.

If you can, send us a video too.

3. The precise details

Great: we’ve got a feel for the place now, and for what you want. Next up, we need to know exactly the space we’re working in. As a minimum, we ask for the dimensions – size and height – of each room, plus location of doors and windows. We also need the dimensions of key items of furniture you want to keep.

If you can produce a simple sketch, even better. (It doesn’t have to be to scale, as long as you give us the measurements.)

4. Sharing our thoughts

Once we’ve received everything, we’ll start developing concepts – inspiring, creative designs to fit your requirements and space. In around a week, we’ll send two mood boards over for you to consider, then arrange a call to discuss which you prefer and any other thoughts.

5. Detailed design

Once you’ve chosen your preferred concept, we’ll move into detailed design for all the rooms you want us to work on. We’ll send you high-quality images, plus information about the fixtures and fittings – and we’ll post any samples (fabrics, paints etc). Again, we’ll arrange a call to chat through and make any changes. This stage normally takes about three weeks.

6. Over to you

With all the details agreed, we’ll prepare to hand over to you to put into action. We prepare clear written guides for each part of the project, including all sourcing details, so you can take the job forward. If you have any queries, you’re welcome to get back in touch.

To discuss an online design project, please contact Samantha on 01494 882219 or email

Bathroom design for Surry home, Samantha Johnson Design