Bedroom design: making the most of a small space


Samantha Johnson Design has created a captivating bespoke bedroom for two girls, aged seven and nine, within a Victorian townhouse in Berkshire.

The design makes the most of a small space, providing room to play and sleep and using innovative furniture and practical fittings to create an elegant overall style that the girls love and the parents appreciate.

The focal point is a bunk bed constructed specifically to Samantha’s instructions to fit inside what was a fireplace alcove. Shelving is built in at both ends, and at the pillow end, the girls have a child-safe double socket – perfect for recharging phones – and a reading light. Each daughter has her own notice board at the foot of the bed, and the bunks are discreetly personalised with their initial. The bunks also include built-in drawers.

While the beds provide a perfectly relaxed environment for a good night’s sleep, the rest of the room offers plenty of space for play. With so much storage built-in, furniture can be kept minimal – with just a tall cupboard for toys and games and a square ottoman that functions both as a seat and a storage box. That not only helps the bedroom stay tidy, but also means toys tend to remain in the children’s room, rather than appearing around the house!

The room retains a feature fireplace, and Samantha has selected hand printed wallpaper and bespoke blinds. The overall result is a wonderfully unique bedroom that parents would be proud to show – just as long as the girls let them in, of course…

Bunkbed design for girls bedroom
Bunkbed design for girls bedroom


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