Hospitality sector design

Samantha’s design career began in the hospitality sector, and her deep knowledge of the requirements of hotels, restaurants and spas enables her to deliver interiors that meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

She has extensive expertise in creating spaces that offer the flexibility the hospitality sector requires, where the mood can be subtly altered for different times of day and different clientele. The intimate restaurant of an evening becomes a fresh breakfast room; the stylish bar a smart meeting place.

Samantha’s love of texture comes to the fore particularly in hotel bedrooms – enabling boutique hotels to create wholly unique rooms based on the same core elements. This styling service is a cost-effective way to provide a distinct guest experience.

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City apartments, country estates, family homes and farmhouses: Samantha’s range of residential work is impressive in both its breadth and beauty.


Whether it’s an office that inspires staff or a showhome that allows buyers to dream, Samantha creates stunning interiors that meet business objectives.


Samantha and her team can produce accurate visualisations of rooms based on your requirements and proportions of the space.