British Institute of Interior Design turns 50


BIID 50th Anniversary, 1965–2015

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the BIID, but what is it exactly?

The BIID is the prime professional body for interior design professionals in the UK. As the only interior designers’ organisation to have been granted Institute status by the Minister of State, it is unanimously considered to be the superior organisation in its field.

Employing an Interior Designer to work on your home is a major investment and it is really important to know that they are fully qualified and have the experience and knowledge to complete your project to a high standard.

So before you decide to employ an Interior Designer, make sure they are a member of the British Institute of Interior Design (they will have the BIID logo on their website). You can also go directly to the BIID and ask them to recommend a designer in your area.

The Institute sets national professional standards, promotes learning and debate, and champions the value of interior design on the national and international stage. The main point about the BIID is that you can’t just pay to join. It takes a number of years to qualify as a member, there is a rigorous entrance process and it only accepts professionals that meet strict criteria.

Once a member, you are closely monitored in order to ensure high standards of work are upheld. We are expected to commit to a program of Continuous Professional Development by attending seminars, exhibitions and mentoring sessions throughout the year; gaining a certain number of points to maintain BIID membership.

This helps ensure that all members remain on top of developments in the trade, from new approaches to interior design best practices to regulatory changes. It also makes sure the public are protected and are able to find an Interior Designer they can trust.

As a member, I’m looking forward to attending their annual conference this Thursday, 18th June at RIBA’s London HQ, Portland Place.

Samantha Johnson has been a full member of the BIID since founding her business in 1998. If you’re looking for BIID accredited interior design professionals who have the competence and creativity to help you get the most out of your scheme, get in touch. Call Samantha on 01494 882219 or visit the About and Services pages for more information on our company and the things we do.